The need for rapid on-site COVID-19 testing

In order to resume close to full capacity air travel, testing has to occur at mobile test kiosks at the airport. To prevent long wait times, testing should happen in parallel with wait times of no less than 30 minutes per traveler. Similar requirements exist if schools, factories and entertainment centers need to open.

Such a throughput is possible only if there at testing kiosks at each gate of the airport. Only tests are rapid and run on machines that are portable, compact, and low cost can be run in such kiosks. In order to test a plane with 300 people, multiple kiosks running parallel tests will  have to be deployed to processing all the travelers within one hour.

It is important that the tests be sensitive and specific with  zero false negatives.  Most rapid tests are NOT sensitive and have high incidences of false negatives. hence they are unsuitable for testing at high traffic places like airports, schools, and entertainment centers. 

Kaya17 has the solution for rapid on-site testing

Kaya17 ‘s complete rapid on-site COVID testing solution offers a complete solution to testing patients in large groups very fast and accurately. The system consists of Kaya’s Assay and extraction kit, reader, software, patient ID system, and patient portal app. 

Kaya17’s rapid solution is NOT a strip test that is based on color change indicator. It uses a high sensitivity reader that goes with the high performance assay to make the test have very low false negatives.

Since Kaya17’s readers are rapid, compact, portable, and low cost, multiple testing units (10) can be deployed at each airline counter to process all 300 passengers less than one hour. Using the patient portal, patient information and results can be exchanged much faster and safely as patients wait in a socially distanced fashion.