Accurate Results in 15 minutes

KAYA17 achieves what was earlier deemed an unattainable goal - a COVID-19 saliva test which is BOTH Rapid and Accurate

What Makes KAYA17 Unique


98% Sensitivity
98% Specificity


Sample to Results
in 15 Minutes


Only Saliva Test in
Ultra-Portable Kit


Needs Minimal


Quick testing
for busy places

The KAYA17 POCT Benefits and Potential

The KAYA17 point-of-care test is a 15-minute Rapid test for COVID-19, which is perfectly adaptable for testing individuals, as well as small or large groups of people. The testing may be done infrequently or on a regular, periodic basis. It can also be done quickly, accurately, and inexpensively. KAYA17's proprietary software makes the workflow, and the initial data gathering to electronic delivery of the final results, simple in various testing scenarios

Resorts and Cruise lines

KAYA17's scalable and small foot print solution makes it an ideal candidate for on-site testing.

Airports, Terminals, and Stations

Rapid, accurate, inexpensive testing will save the industry billions.

Schools and Institutions

A saliva sample is convenient. A nasal swab is not, especially for the elderly and children.

Workspaces and Factories

KAYA17 is the only rapid test in the world that is also viable for pooling, hugely reducing costs.

Hospitals, Urgent, & Long-Term Care

KAYA17 eases the burden at healthcare facilities.

Test Early, Test Simple

Equivalence With RT-PCR

KAYA17 results are in accordence with results from gold standard RT-PCR machines

Quick Group Testing

Organized workflow and software enables 30-50 tests/hour/instrument and up to 300-500 tests/hour/site with multiple instruments.   

CE Mark authorized, FDA (EUA) Expected, CLIA Labs Permitted To Sell Solution.

Clinical trials (saliva, nasal swab) and validation successfully completed. Emergency Use Authorization by FDA is anticipated. Current published FDA Policy permits sale of KAYA17 products through CLIA Labs.

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