Kaya17’s fourth clinical validation upholds breakthrough 98% accuracy for its rapid saliva antigen test

Kaya17 Inc. developer of Innovative Point of Care test for COVID-19 and other medical diagnostics applications, completed its fourth clinical validation study in collaboration with St. Rose Hospital, Oakland, CA, Infinity Biologix, NJ and Vault Health, UT.

St. Rose Hospital, Oakland, CA is one of the premier medical institutions providing top notch health care to patients in the Oakland area and sees a good number of COVID-19 cases. Infinity Biologix provides testing services various clients and is a partner of Kaya17 in the clinical studies. Vault Health has developed its own saliva test for RT-PCR and is also in the business of providing testing service personnel. Kaya17 is the first company to have developed a rapid (15min) Saliva test with PCR-level accuracy. It offers a complete system with test kit, reader, and software.

The study was a prospective clinical trial in which 81 samples were collected by St. Rose Hospital, Oakland, CA. Both saliva samples and nasal swab samples were collected from each patient. The saliva samples were tested at Kaya17 labs. Nasal swab samples were tested at Infinity Biologix, NJ on a Perkin-Elmer RT-PCR machine.

The Kaya17 test results matched the RT-PCR results in 99% of the cases. The sample set contained 35 positive cases.

Kaya17’s CMO, Dr. Steve Verbinski , said, “The Kaya17 system is really a game changer. I wish we had had it 6 months earlier when we were inundated with COVID cases - a rapid and accurate test could have helped in on-the-spot detection of positive COVID patients, followed by subsequent quarantine and treatment. We had to wait for 24hrs for the RT- PCR results to arrive during which time some of the COVID negative patients might have been exposed to the COVID positive cases after they left the hospital. I look forward to seeing the Kaya17 system deployed for use in hospitals in a major way.”