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Today, a majority of diagnostic occurs in centralized labs. Samples are collected in physicians' clinics or other testing locations, and then shipped to remote centralized labs. Typically, results are only available a few days after the test is preformed. This delay prevents patients from receiving timely, often life-saving, therapies.

Point of Care Testing (POCT) represents a new, transformative trend in the medical industry -- the complete diagnostic tests (sample collection and analysis) is now in the physician's clinic or testing locations. Using innovations in molecular biology and a break-through in electronic imaging, we are making diagnostic test accurate and rapidly available on the spot. This allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment thereby lowering costs to the patient.

Sample to Result in 15 Minute

For efficient and accurate COVID-19 diagnosis, clinicians need a portable or an on-site discotic test for real-time in KAYA17's complete rapid on-site COVID testing solution offers a complete solution to testing patients individually or system consists of KAYA's Assay and extraction kit, reader, software, patient ID system, and patient portal app.

KAYA17's rapid solution is NOT a strip test that is based on a color changing indicator.

It uses a high sensitivity reader which results in the high performance assay to make the test yield very low false negative information and results can be exchanged much faster and safety even as patients wait in a socially distanced fashion.

The KAYA17 Workflow

KAYA17's Patient ID Software

KAYA17 has designed a patient registration software that gathers patient information and generates a unique patient QR code that is applied to their sample tube and cartridge used to process their sample. The software can also receive this information from a QR code from a patient portal app.

KAYA17 COVID Assay Kit

KAYA17’s is a complete immunoassay test kit. It comes as a package of 20 tests with 2 controls, with all necessary items. Its proprietary reagents are fine-tuned for high sensitivity and specificity. The kit is designed to operate with the Kaya17 Vega-200 reader to achieve very low Limit of Detection.

KAYA17's Cartridge System

KAYA17 has designed a proprietary one-time use VFC cartridge on which the COVID19 test is performed. The cartridge is inserted into an electronic reader. The patient ID QR code on the cartridge to ensure that the sample can be traced at all times and prevents sample mix-ups.

KAYA17's VEGA-200 Reader

KAYA17 has designed a high sensitivity reader to allow cartridges to be read with high accuracy and speed. The reader is integrated with our proprietary software which is embedded in a laptop supplied by us. The reader is compact, low cost, and very low power.

KAYA17's Results Manager

KAYA17’s software allows parallel testing with multiple readers up to 10 running tests. The results are transmitted to the patient ID computer where a report is generated for each patient. The stored reports can be transmitted to the patient or other recipients as instructed by the customer.

KAYA17's Pateint Results Portal

KAYA17 has designed a phone App that interacts with the patient ID computer to get patient data via QR code and then displays patient test results. It’s the most rapid and efficient way to gather patient test information and disseminate results with no-contact minimal interaction.

Medical Diagnostics Technology

A vivid demonstration of our technology is seen in how the test is conducted in the video link below. To satisfy customer preferences, KAYA17 has created a saliva test and a nasal swab; both work equally as well.

01. The COVID-19 Diagnosis Gap

Existing test involve space consuming technology and take too long to deliver accurate results.

02. Advantage of KAYA17

Immediacy of quantitative and qualitative results is critical to effective care and treatment.

03. Needs of Today's Healthcare System

Reduced burden on the overall healthcare system is vital to optimize patient outcomes.

KAYA17 Antigen Test Demonstration

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