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Urgent Point-of-care Need

For instance, in order to resume close to full capacity air travel, testing has to occur at mobile test kiosks at the airport. To prevent long wait times, testing should happen in parallel with wait times of no less than 30 minutes per traveler. Similar requirements exist if schools, factories and entertainment centers need to open.

Such a thorough output is possible only if there are testing kiosks at each gate of the airport. Only tests that are rapid and run on machines that are portable, compact, and low cost can be run in such kiosks. In order to test a plane with 300 people, multiple kiosks running parallel tests will have to be deployed to process all the travelers within one hour.

It is important that the tests be sensitive and specific with zero false negatives. Existing rapid tests are NOT sensitive and have high incidences of false negatives, hence they are unsuitable for testing at high traffic places like airports, schools, and entertainment centers.

But KAYA17 changes that because it combines accuracy with speed, convenience and portability!

The KAYA17 POCT Benefits and Potential

The KAYA17 point-of-care test is a 15-minute Rapid test for COVID-19, which is perfectly adaptable for testing individuals, as well as small or large groups of people. The testing may be done infrequently or on a regular periodic basis. It can also be done quickly, accurately, and inexpensively. KAYA17’s proprietary software makes the workflow, and the initial data gathering to electronic delivery of the final results simple in various testing scenarios.

Airports, Terminals and Stations

Rapid, accurate, inexpensive testing will save the industry billions

Schools and Institutions

A saliva sample is convenient. A nasal swab is not, especially for the elderly and children.

Workspaces and Factories

KAYA17 is the only rapid test in the world that is also viable for pooling, hugely reducing costs.

Hospitals, Urgent, & Long-Term Care

KAYA17 eases the burden at healthcare facilities.

The Need for POCT Testing

Moving from centralized labs to testing in the doctor’s office or other testing locations with accurate, quick micro-level, local testing and results provided instantly to patients via a specially developed app provides system-wide benefits to the healthcare industry.

Immediate diagnosis

Quicker diagnosis and turnaround on tests, with greater number of tests

Reduced burden on healthcare

Saving time to response, while significantly increasing impact and efficiency

Reduced management burden

Overall simpler methods are more customizable and inexpensive

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Future KAYA17 Products

Today, a majority of diagnostic testing occurs in centralized labs. Samples are collected in physicians’ clinics or other testing locations, and then shipped to remote centralized labs. Typically, results are only available a few days after the test is performed. This delay prevents patients from receiving timely, often life-saving, therapies.

Point of Care Testing (POCT) represents a new, transformative trend in the medical industry – the complete diagnostic tests (sample collection and analysis) is now in the physician’s clinic or testing locations. Using innovations in molecular biology and a break-through in electronic imaging, we are making diagnostic tests accurate and rapidly available on the spot. This allows for quicker diagnosis and treatment thereby lowering costs to the patient.