KAYA17 Technology

Sample to Result in 15 Minute & on site testing

In order to open up businesses, schools, restaurants, cruise lines, after a pandemic, three key items are required -
1. On-site testing
2. Rapid testing with high throughput
3. High accuracy testing

KAYA17 offers all the above!

Kaya17's test being a saliva test makes it highly preferred over nasal swabs.

KAYA17's rapid solution is NOT a strip test that is based on a color changing indicator.

It uses a high-sensitivity reader with very low false negative information. Asymptomatic patients can also be detected.

KAYA17 Antigen Test Demonstration

The KAYA17 Workflow

KAYA17's Patient ID Software

KAYA17 has designed a patient registration software that gathers patient information and generates a unique patient QR code that is applied to their sample tube and cartridge used to process their sample. The software can also receive this information from a QR code from a patient portal app.

KAYA17 COVID Assay Kit

KAYA17 provides a complete immunoassay test kit. The test kit contains all disposables and reagents and controls needed, in packs of 25 or 50 tests. Its proprietary reagents are fine-tuned for ease of use by staff with minimal training while maintaining high sensitivity and specificity.

KAYA17's Cartridge System

KAYA17 has designed a proprietary one-time use Vertical Flow Cartridge (VFC) on which the sample is processed, keeping the reader free during this time. The cartridge is inserted into an electronic reader for 1 minute. The patient ID QR code label is placed on the cartridge to ensure that the sample can be traced at all times.

KAYA17's VEGA-200 Reader

KAYA17 has designed a high sensitivity reader to allow its VFF cartridges to be read with high accuracy and speed. The reader is integrated with our proprietary software which is embedded in the supplied laptop. The reader is compact, low cost, and runs off USB power.

KAYA17's Results Manager

KAYA17’s system allows parallel testing with multiple readers. One patient ID computer can be connected to 10 readers operating in parallel. The results from all of the readers are transmitted to the patient ID computer where a report is generated for each patient. Results of the test can be printed as a patient test report, sent to their phone, or synched up with a central hospital or healthcare database.

KAYA17's Patient Results Portal

The KAYA17 patient portal app has two functions. It helps make patient registration fast, seamless and contactless. Patients can enter their profile information a priori before coming for a test. The second function of the app is to display the results of a test. After the test is completed, the patient does not have to wait for their results at the test site. Results will be automatically sent to their phone. The patient portal app is available in both iOS and android platforms.

The Future of Diagnostics is Point of Care Testing

Today, a majority of diagnostic occurs in centralized labs. Samples are collected in physicians' clinics, hospitals or other testing locations, and then shipped to remote centralized labs. Typically, results are only available after a few days. This delay prevents patients from receiving timely, often life-saving, therapies.

Point of Care Testing (POCT) represents a transformative trend in the medical industry – allowing primary care doctors, ER physicians to make life-changing decisions in real time diagnostic testing. One reason for the slow progress in this field is that very few tests can maintain the accuracy and sensitivity of the professional diagnostic test with providing a rapid, compact and flexible test at the point of care. Using innovations in the test format, new tools from molecular biology and novel electronic imaging tools, Kaya17 has hit a home run for a test platform that uniquely checks all the features needed for a successful point of care test – high accuracy, speed, ease of use for untrained operators, and very cost -effective.

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